UK Big Brother Winner Luke To use Money For SRS

This clip from the Big Brother Reality show really highlights the incongruous of cissexualism and transgenderism. On our road less traveled those who are looking for intimacy are often faced with a dilemma. When are hit on and find someone attractive but being pre or by choice non operative at what point do we disclose that. My experiences with the opposite sex was much akin to Luke's.

homorazzi.com reports:
Anderson (who is a chef) told the Daily Star newspaper that he will use the money to complete his gender reassignment surgery. “Obviously you have the NHS if you can’t afford it but this money will definitely help me achieve a decent cosmetic look that I really want. It’s perfect.” He added, “I want to have a chest revision. The scars after my last surgery are pretty big so the revision will make them look like a fine line. The money will really help me get the look I want.”
Those who know me as a radical trans activist know I abhor linking trans story's to gay rags but in this case, cisgender publications called his procedure 'getting a dick' but Homorazzi was respectful.

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