HuffPost Feature Video: Gay Ally Bully's Min Wage Worker At Chick-Fil-A

Huffpost gay Featured this articlevideo as if it was a win of some kind. Gay's, this kinda bullshit isn't going to win hearts. This bullshit isn't making any point other that a rich guy (in comparison) can act like a asswipe to a min wage service worker.

She didn't make that company policy. She's probably starving. She's probably just hanging on to her apartment!

What a asshole. Common, HuffPost. Really? You think anything was proven by him asking her " how do you live with yourself"? That's why I stopped supporting this boycott. I have never eaten at out towns Chic-Fill-A, but I did go in there to use there wi-fi once and was given a whole lots of dirty looks and wouldn't have gone back in there in any case.

So you disagree with a private citizen and want to express your anger about it MR BIG in the CAR? BE A MAN, and go talk face to face with the owner and leave that poor girl alone. Sheesh!

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