Disgraced Utah AG John Swallow's staffers think a trans woman is a "Tranny Thing"

Emails between staffers exchanged during Swallows reelection campaign under the heading of "feeding" disparaged Republican delegates calling them "goat's after a tin can" because they were paying for meals during the convention..

Yes, they were talking about their own party members. They were just getting warmed up.

Other emails exchanged between staffers discussing a photo of the transgender delegate one staffer said she didn't want a 'up the skirt shot' of the delegate referring to her as "the infamous cross dresser".

According to Talking Points  "the emails were made public in court documents unsealed on Thursday, and were part of an affidavit tied to the investigation of Swallow, fellow former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, and others. The documents were first reported on by The Salt Lake Tribune."

The warrants seek evidence of numerous crimes, including obstruction of justice, witness tampering and retaliation, soliciting and accepting bribes, evidence tampering, harassment and tax evasion.

Swallow who left the  office of Utah Attorney General in disgrace was replaced by Sean Reyes who quickly initiated the Supreme Court challenge against a lower court ruling allowing same sex marriage in Utah

Coincidence or not?  The former Attorney general  is also under investigation for illegally accepting money from payday loan companies while a few states away  the Burnt Orange Report has revealed Governor Perry has appointed a vice president of a payday loan company to oversee the Finance Commission of Texas.

Coincidence of not? Texas's leading Republican for the Governors office is Attorney General Greg Abbott who is also vehemently opposed to LGBT rights and who would also benefit by his connection with predatory loaners

Follow the money....

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