X St. Louis Cop arrested for harassing Transgender couple

Jeffrey Leveque
Former St. Louis cop Jeffrey Leveque, 45 might have got away with parking in front of a transgender couples house and yelling defamation but he took it one step further posting hate speech on Craigslist.

According to River front Times the Cragislist post has been flagged and removed, but here's what it said:

Meg Hensley and Kendan Elliott

"So the carpet muncher called the police. So offended you were. Who is the criminal? You deface the "American Flag" and upset that stated to you how un American you are. Well you make me sick everyday when you kiss your girlfriend good bye. Being a carpet muching cunt is one thing but our flag is another. Have some respect for our country if you have no respect for our Lord."

So Jeffery Leveque to answer your question, according to law you are the criminal.

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