Why is New Mexico State University using the Trans bathroom meme to advocate for single occupancy restrooms?

Is New Mexico State University Las Cruces student's push for single occupancy rest rooms for transgender people inadvertently using the transpanic meme?

The cover picture the article features two people, of opposite genders, in a public restroom with the female looking surprised maybe terrified, and the male looking agast but well, interested.

The second picture, posted left, plays right into the foes of trans equality suggesting that transgender equality means wild orgies as sexualy active young people of opposite genders become intermixed in the restroom.

While this picture is the best argument for single occupancy restrooms, it's the worst image for those seeking real tran safety. It wouldn't have been surprising to see it on the website of the foes of the California student fairness act, but on the New Mexico University student newspaper?

The picture insinuates that current University transgender students who use the correct restroom according to their gender expression are in fact, presenting as the opposite gender. That image is very harmful to your students, no matter how much fun it was for the cis people pictured.

Further more, it's not 'gender neutral' its single occupancy that the University is pressing for.

Denying transgender people equal access to public accommodations at any level, be it grade school, university or the workplace only serves to other them. This leads to further ostracization and stress as the idea that they are different is pointy made evident, daily not just to them but to all those around them as well.

Single occupancy rest rooms are not an answer. Mutually shared spaces by cisgender and transgender alike builds bonds of social confidence and friendship.

NMS has a trans inclusive policy since 2006 they should take the bold step in including public accommodations.

Why is looking terrified the objective?

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