Top Cop transitions to Laura in the most deadly of countries for transgender people, Brazil

Deputy General Delegate of the Civil Police, Daniel Felipe Diniz Adorni told Globo.com To colleagues, Laura de Costa Teixeira is brave. "We see it as a personal act, hard to do, but we understand as courage. For us, the problem is corrupt, missing police. The case of Laura's no problem, "said Adorni.
He points out that her work has always been valued within the force and that it should not change. "From now on, Laura will continue with the same character of service. Her functional life remains the same, so we did not change anything."

The Trans respect update shows reports of murdered trans people in 26 countries in the last 12 months, with the majority from Brazil (95), Mexico (40), the USA (16), and Venezuela (15), followed by Honduras (12), Colombia (12), and El Salvador (5). While Brazil, Mexico, and the USA have the highest absolute numbers, the relative numbers show even more worrisome results for some countries with smaller population sizes. Honduras, for instance, has a rate of 1.5 reported trans killings per million inhabitants, for El Salvador the rate is 0.71, while for Brazil the rate is 0.49, for Mexico the rate is 0.36, and for the USA the rate is 0.05. In Asia most reported cases have been found in India (8), and in Europe in Turkey (5) and Italy (5).

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