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Belovedness and The United Methodist Constitution: Does All Mean All?

Sometimes in my wandering I happen to come back to the United Methodist and am instantly thrust into the very passion of Christianity.

A blog post found on "Religion is a Queer Thing" by Rev. Tiffiany Steinwert, pictured right,

"Belovedness and The United Methodist Constitution: Does All Mean All?"

"There is a story that another UM pastor, Janet Wolf, tells about one of her parishioners. This story about Fayette has become gospel for me in understanding the fullness of the meaning of baptism in our Christian tradition. You see Fayette, although new to the Church understood the power of baptism deep her in soul."

"She came to Janet’s church one summer, pacing back and forth outside the open doors, listening intently to the music, the laughter, the words. Occasionally she would crouch down on the front steps engrossed, amazed and astounded at what she heard. Little by little that summer Fayette moved from the sidewalk to the steps, from the steps to the door and finally one day from the door to the pew."

Please read and share Religion is a Queer Thing.


American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America

Found on happening-here.blogspot Ruminations often on Democracy as it lives and dies for anyone who asks "Can it happen here?"

As long as scripture, blessed and accepted by the church, teaches that at the end of time there will be a Day of Wrath and Christians will control the shattered remnants of a world cleansed through violence and war, as long as it teaches that all nonbelievers will be tormented, destroyed and banished to hell, it will be hard to thwart the message of radical apocalyptic preachers or assuage the fears of the Islamic world that Christians are calling for its annihilation.........Read on.....


Shooting At Unitarian Universalism Church

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Church services were disrupted today at a gay-affirming church in Knoxville when a lone gunman opened fire in a sanctuary of Christians.



A open letter to Bishop V. Gene Robinson

Open Letter to The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson
Bishop of New Hampshire

HRC's billion dollar baby has begun to stir.

As I was leaving my LGBT youth group I made a mention of a up coming protest of the HRC Celebration of gold in November 2008 at Dallas Texas to a paid staffer at YouthFirst.
I up to this moment had viewed this paid staff member as a somewhat distant person friendly enough, but in as a non committal offhanded sort of way.
I had attributed this to her being a very busy woman and I had admired her dedication to the LGBT youth.
But this void had made my commitment to continue volunteerism a matter of personal dedication because of a seemingly lack of concern by the leadership of this group. I had up to this point accepted this as my personal sacrifice so that I may satisfy my need to be of good to the community I Love so much.

Her first response before realizing the gravity of the situation was to say " Just make sure you are not wearing your YouthFirst Hat while you are protesting." Becuse I am a writer of the goodness and potentials of our LGBT youth.

I had seen the response by the staff to the youth if they even suggested that they were gender variant. Always concentrated looks of disbelief with grins, followed with a comment like " ya right." This results in the youth looking down in embarrassment and shame. I have come to the point where I openly defend their right to gender expression and am quickly put down and ignored by the staff.

Judith stood suddenly between me and the door and asked, sudden concern clouding her eyes "what protest?" I began to tell Judith about the protests I had participated in since being denied by HRC. Her worry began to deepen as she asked what it was I thought might happen at Dallas in November.

I replied Bishop Robinson was scheduled to accept the ELIZABETH BIRCH EQUALITY AWARD at the dinner. I was asking my faith community to stand up for us and for Bishop Robinson to deny this award on solidarity with transgender people who have been unjustly and unfairly removed from being a part of ENDA in spite of the unanimous outcry of 350 LGBT groups that HRC decided to ignore and caused untold sorrow and pain. We are a community on the verge of self destruction because of HRC.

Judith first response knowing that I wrote for the RMN blog, a Methodist affirming outreach group was to say" Oh but the Methodist church in Dallas gets money from this." THIS response made me physically ill. Judith was attempting to use my faith against me, as a club to beat me down with. I responded" I attend this church as a guest not because it is a recipient for HRC funds, which I was previously unaware of , but because of my experience at the Methodist Conference that summer I had fallen in love with the Methodist faith. I will talk to this church about this I said, but my love for them is about trying to help in their struggle to become free to worship, free to Minister and free to marry as I am in AGAPE MCC."

Judith was now HORRIFIED. I asked her why she had turned so pale she told me "I am on the Black Tie Marketing committee." Oh I said. I am so sorry things have come to this point and told her I was interviewed by The Dallas Voice, a local LGBT paper, and had answered the question of protest at the Dallas black tie. We at that time were committed to finding a way to Educate and form a solid coalition and not wanting to detract or degenerate the Dallas Black Tie. WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY and only want to do good. So we asked the Black Tie Committe if we could hold a Educational Initiative at this Black Tie but were once again denied.I told Judith that we are not asking Bishop Robinson to refuse this award out of spite, but becuse HRC has forced us into a corner and left us no options.

Now Judith's BILLION DOLLAR BABY was in mortal danger. She was horrified by the pureness of my heart, the intent of my soul, in fact my love for our community and Christ. She was protecting a gold jewel encrusted inanimate object which has no soul, no consciousness, no hopes and dreams. It does not have faith.

To Judith, protecting this baby which HRC has been holding in front of it's Dallas Black Tie to shield it self against dissent, was not unlike a mother who relized her child was now in danger of being pried from her loving hands.

Never once did the matter of my faith in the episcopal church ever become a matter of concern for this HRC fund raiser. Never did my struggle to remain employed EVER become a matter of her concern. Never has the DEATH of Lawrence KING ever become connected with the struggle of the gender variant, or become important to Judith. UNTILL NOW when her BILLION DOLLAR BABY became endangered.

Judith and HRC are worried and horrified not because they care about Christianity. Not because they are worried about Trans peoples faith, health or well being. Not because of any concern for gender expressive children like Lawrence King.

They are Praying to their GOLD GOD. The Billion Dollar BABY. Baby HRC.

I am asking you Bishop Robinson not to attend the 2008 Dallas Black Tie. I am asking you to put into practice the inspiring sermon you gave at All Saints Church that brought me out of the shadows, out of fear into a strength and belief that GOD and CHRIST love me and spoke through you.
You see, I forsake my Episcopalian church which I grew up in for 20 years because of a man, who while representing this church had done me such grievous harm.

Because of your sermon at All Saints opened my heart again, to beleave again.

I am asking you to reject HRC. To be the protector of the Gender diverse yet unborn, alive and dead. HRC has thrown transgender people away. Sacrificed For pieces of gold.

Kelli Anne Busey
Gender Advocate
Believer in Christ the redeemer