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Word Switched by DART's Raymond Noah encourages discrimination| Judge Raymond Noah's Decade of Transphobic Courtroom Behavior EXPOSED!

The closed door 'Executive' meeting DART conducted to discuss it's nondiscrimination policy was indicative of the systemic bigotry and duplicitous abuse of authority that pervades DART's management.

There was 'passionate' discussion about amending the nondiscrimination policy according to DART chairman William Velasco in a possibly illegal closed door meeting after receiving general counsel Hyattye Simmons explaination of 'gender'.

Was it decided by Simmons and forced on some members in this closed door meeting that sneaking a word in that expressly allows discrimination was in the best interests of DART?

The motion by Raymond Noah (pictured left) to change the wording to allow discrimination against gay and transgender people was passed without debate. Was part of that 'passionate' discussion about what defence the Board members should offer in case this sham was exposed?

A woman's life is at stake. Being simply ignorant about language changes to a human rights amendment to protect her reeks of collusion.

What was the DART Board's main concern? Protecting one of there employees from discrimination or protecting themselves from Council Simmons?

Who is DART's General Counsel Simmons to have influenced a FAMILY judge so that she reversed her findings that DART employee, Ms T Dart (Robin) was female?

Why was General Counsel Simmons given the responsibility of presenting a impartial and subjective definition of gender to the DART board?

We need more than DART's Human resource director Ben Gomez's word that they will rewrite there employees handbook to prohibit discrimination against gay and transgender people regardless if the amendment to there nondiscrimination policy clearly not only allows but encourages this discrimination to take place!

WE need full accountability and open management of DART if the re written employees handbook is to have ANY value.

We need to seriously consider if General Council Simmons is performing his duties in the best interest of DART or are the Board members simply pawns of the General Council's bigotry.

We need to attend Tuesdays meeting in support of board member William Tsao and other well intentioned board members in there effort to remove the extraneous and ambiguous wording DART has inserted in there Nondiscrimination policy proposed changes.

We need the addition of Gender Identity/Expression without ANY provisions to discriminate.

Kelli Anne Busey
June 19, 2010


Breaking News: DART to Vote on Transgender Protections TONIGHT!

Pamela Curry Dallas transgender activist reports she received a unexpected but welcomed phone call from DART board member Claude Williams, Chair, Economic Opportunity and Diversity Committee
Curry said "Mr. Williams wanted to remind me that as planned the committee will vote on whether to pass to the full Board a recommendation to amend the DART nondiscrimination policy to include gender inclusion at the 4:30 committee meeting."

Then he dropped the bombshell Curry explained "There will be a vote at the full Board meeting at 6:30 on whether DART will amend it's nondiscrimination policy to include protections for their transgender employees. This was news to everyone Curry stated "Because it is not even listed on the Board agenda for tonight."

Pamela would like to extend a invitation to everyone in north Texas to attend both meetings because even as it is expected that the committee will pass a recommendation to a receptive Board to include Transgender protections, a strong showing from our community will be highly beneficial.

Pamela also wanted to pass along a note to our lesbian and gay DART employees regarding partner benefits. Pamela stated "We have made great strides forward on the transgender issue thanks to the GLB community and we want you to know we are coming back for you!"

First meeting committee decides whether to pass to the board a recommendation to amend the nondiscrimination policy:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 4:30 P.M. - Conference Room C
1401 Pacific Ave., Dallas, TX 75202
DART Homepage

Second meeting tonight most possiable a vote by the board to include gender identity in the DART nondiscrimination policy.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - Board Room
1401 Pacific Ave., Dallas, TX 75202
DART Homepage


DVTV Video of DART Meeting: Equality Texas Weighs In

Israel Luna of DVTV attends the DART board meeting in which the GLBT community voiced it's concerns over the regional transportation providers reaction to a transgender woman's need to transition.

Texas Heavy Weight Equality Texas Weighs in on DART Advocacy

Equality Texas Joins with Resource Center Dallas and Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies in Calling for DART to Amend its Nondiscrimination Policy to Include Gender Identity/Expression
Discrimination, harassment, and violence against people with nonconforming gender identities/expressions must be prohibited.

Classrooms, communities, and workplaces should be safe for every person, regardless of whether or not the person fits expectations for masculinity or femininity. From workplaces to homes, to just walking on the streets, people who do not conform to stereotypical gender identities/expressions face widespread discrimination, harassment, and even violence.

While DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) has long been recognized for having a diverse workforce, its internal Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity (DEEO) policy does not currently include gender identity/expression in its nondiscrimination language.

Adding gender identity/expression to DART's nondiscrimination language would remedy this inequity.

Equality Texas Foundation's Workplace Project, a public education program on the economic and social benefits of comprehensive workplace non-discrimination policy, joins with Resource Center Dallas (RCD) and Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies in asking DART to amend its DEEO Nondiscrimination Policy to add the words gender identity/expression so that it has a fully inclusive diversity strategy.

RCD is to be commended for their exemplary efforts, which will result in discussions with DART human resources and diversity staff on this issue. You will be called upon in the next ten days to two weeks to assist in this effort with a coordinated and targeted advocacy campaign. Please join in this effort.

Equality Texas news letter March 11, 2010

Go here to read John Wright’s latest story on the situation.

Many thanks to Israel Luna for doing such a great job.


LGBT Activist Take DART to TASK over it's Intervention in Family Court

Dallas Area Rapid Transit board members sat quietly during the public comment time. Alternately seemingly attentive and distracted mainly depending whether the speaker was suggesting a legal inquiry about the propriety of DART's interference in family court or a measure to correct it's nondiscrimination policy to include gender expression/identity.

When comments focused on DART's nondiscrimination policy and proposed meetings to rectify it the Board members at best feigned interest but when confronted with the Resource Center of Dallas response to DART's letter justifying it's legal wrangling in civil court the Dart Board members attention was suddenly undivided.

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Kelli Busey comments to DART Board Members Feb. 9, 2010

Dear chairman Velasco and board members,

Thank you for you unselfish commitment to bettering the regions public transportation system. As time progresses America will come to highly appreciate the work you are doing now.

I am kelli Busey. Co administrator of the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies. I also author a Dallas positive blog, planetransgender.

A lot has already been said about what has filled this room with people so passionate about fairness and equality. I wish to focus on the present and the future.

The Dallas Fort Worth region has long enjoyed robust prosperity and growth which in part is brought by a perception people have. A vision all people have before they even depart for a convention or Gala event in the DFW. People think of the DFW as a safe place for visitors. A place that companies when consider moving here, take into consideration that Dallas is a city that will welcome all of there employees, LGBT included.

This perception held by residents and visitors alike is due in part to the commitment the city of Dallas has to LGBT human rights.

I beleive that vision is our reality, but our reputation as a welcoming city for all GLBT people is receiving negative press worldwide which would lead one to beleive otherwise.

The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies have encountered a situation not unlike the one DART finds it self in today. A situation that nothing positive could possibly result.

However there is a option. I would like to invite you Chairman Velasco, and Board members, to attend a meeting that may very well be the answer that we mutually seek.

The Dallas Office of fair housing which is tasked with enforcing the Cities gender inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance has graciously offered to attend such a meeting in a educational role. The North Texas chamber of Commerce would also like to contribute it's experiences and share with you what it has done to make equality truly Dallas's business.

I will leave with you my contact information and I would like to arrange such a meeting at your convenience.

Thank you,

Kelli Anne Busey
Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies


DART Questioned over unethical treatment of Transgender employee

DART embroiled in controversy over it's involvement in the Ms T DART discrimination issue. At the center of the conversation is a request by the LGBT community that DART amend it's discrimination policy to include gender expression.

Read the latest on the Dallas Voice article DART asked to add trans protections


Dallas Area Transit (DART) Attorneys Pressure Judge to Reverse Transgender Women's Gender Marker Order

Dart Tyrannically crushes a transgender woman's life and steals her legal identity.

By Kelli Anne Busey/Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies

Found in the Dallas Voice "DART stands accused of bigotry and transphobia after attorneys for the local transit agency intervened in family court last year to challenge a gender-marker change granted to an employee."

"According to court records, a transgender DART employee obtained a court order in February 2009 directing all state agencies to correct their records by changing her gender-marker from male to female, including on her birth certificate."

"But DART’s attorneys objected to the gender-marker change and responded by filing a motion seeking a rehearing in court. DART’s objections prompted 301st Family District Court Judge Lynn Cherry to reverse her order granting the gender-marker change."

Is it legally permissible for a publicly funded service agency to employee it's attorneys to influence a family judge's decision in a private matter which results in that persons entire life ruined?

That is tyrannical. !Notice! The DFW LGBT community will not accept this.

This jeopardizes all transgender people in Texas.

Ironically the DART mission statement says one of the purposes that DART was formed was to "improve the quality of life'. That statement should be rewritten DART "will subjectively elect which citizen it will tyrannically oppress and reserves the right to use public funds to accomplish this goal.

DART Mission Statement
DART's mission statement defines the purpose for which the Agency was created:

The mission of Dallas Area Rapid Transit is to build, establish and operate a safe, efficient and effective transportation system that, within the DART Service Area, provides mobility, improves the quality of life, and stimulates economic development through the implementation of the DART Service Plan as adopted by the voters on August 13, 1983, and as amended from time to time.