LGBT Activist Take DART to TASK over it's Intervention in Family Court

Dallas Area Rapid Transit board members sat quietly during the public comment time. Alternately seemingly attentive and distracted mainly depending whether the speaker was suggesting a legal inquiry about the propriety of DART's interference in family court or a measure to correct it's nondiscrimination policy to include gender expression/identity.

When comments focused on DART's nondiscrimination policy and proposed meetings to rectify it the Board members at best feigned interest but when confronted with the Resource Center of Dallas response to DART's letter justifying it's legal wrangling in civil court the Dart Board members attention was suddenly undivided.

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planet trans said...

Near the end of the meeting a Boy Scout Troop entered the room, no doubt on a trip to observe democracy in action. One of the board members stood up and said loudly "Here is the Boy Scouts! I was a Life Scout as a boy!"

I wondered if that proclamation was a intentional declaration to draw a clear line between himself and the room full of angry Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people whom the Troop had just had the privilege to hear denounce DART's tyrannical treatment of its transgender employee.

What I found extremly ironic was I am also proud to have been a Life Scout and that I may even have shared a tent or camp ground with that DART board member!

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