LGBT High School discrimination in Fulton MS Demands we support HR 4530

Why must we wait for the next tragedy to arouse our passions sufficiently that we act to protect our LGBT children?

kdvr.com WESTMINSTER - Congressman Jared Polis introduced H.R. 1450, known as "The Student Anti-Discrimination Act", in January, two months before anyone outside of Fulton, Miss. knew the name Constance McMillen.

But McMillen's story, that of an 18-year-old lesbian who wanted to bring her girlfriend to prom and the school district that canceled the prom for the entire school, has gotten national attention -- and, Polis said, highlighted anew the need for his bill, which would extend civil rights protections to students who are discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

"What a shame that the school district said no prom for anybody," Polis said. "No one's going to have any fun, just because they didn't like the date one girl was taking. I mean, what a ridiculous example of why we need to protect kids from this kind of thing -- and, obviously, there's a lot more serious cases than that. In other cases, gay and lesbian kids are getting beat up and even killed."

Learn about HR 4530 "The Student Anti-Discrimination Act".

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