Jenna Lives with her arms wide open

My dear friends, every once in a while we get some news so fantastic, so wonderful we just want to shout it out, I am in love with life! I love life so much I have declared myself free! Free to live to day as whom I truly am. Free to live my life with my arms wide open!

This is a day of celebration unlike any other a person may have. It is our day of transbirthday!

Jenna, ecstatic that her gender marker was changed to show who she knows with her heart she truly is shared her joy with me. This is a unique celebration that only transgender people have. It is a meeting place we can all gather at for a moment and forget about the trials and tribulations that have defined our trip.

Jenna, my dear friend thank you for making our day so valuable by sharing this day with us!


Unknown said...

You are so very welcome, thank you so much for sharing my story too. ^_^
It truly is a day and week of celebration and for a moment to forget about all the trails and everything I have had to face, and see a moment of celebration. ^_^
Thanks again, Jenna Allyson Webb(Fox) ^_^

planet trans said...

My pleasure!