GetEqual's Co-Founder Robin McGehee’s Post-Arrest Statement

GetEqual’s Robin McGehee, who was arrested Thursday with Lt. Dan Choi at the White House as part of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” protest, filmed a statement explaining why GetEqual is taking action and pushing for a repeal of DADT and a trans-inclusive ENDA.

"We believe we need to do more than lobbying, making phone calls, and giving money to people who are not making true to the promises we were given. And that's the reason that we organized with Lt. Dan Choi and Cpt. James Pietrangelo today, to take action at the White House where true pressure needs to be given. Everyone knows that without repeal language added to the defense authorization bill, that there is not a true course or a true plan of action that will be successful by this year's end."

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Anonymous said...

Its such a sad state of affairs that we are in. I understand the our country has a lot of other problems that need to be taken care of and if i take a step back and look at the world, i can understnd why they want to tackle the big issues first, however, if you look at what something like legalizing same sex marriage can do for an economy, it would be a part of the solution to our economic problems. The money spent on licensing, wedding details, and other things would be a boost.

Another place that needs to be tackled is within the LGBT community itself. I have noticed a lot of racism and intolerance within our community which is also something that is holding us back. How can you want equal rights when you don't practice it yourself. Thanks for posting sugar!!!