ENDA Now or Never Trans-Advocates March on DC

The not so distant beat of war drums is a irrefutable reminder, the republicans relentlessly attack, culling the herd of the weakest and unwary. Meanwhile the dithering democrats, afraid to publicly hold our hands are throwing away the only opportunity transgender people may ever have to pass ENDA.

And the Drums go on

March has arrived. One calendar year after the last of two House Education and Labor hearings unequivocally illustrated the need transgender people have for work place protections

One year after the House Education and Labor chairman George Miller stated for the second time after the second consecutive hearing that he fully supported a gender inclusive ENDA.

One more year of congressional excuses, vacations and other priorities. One more year that house representatives enjoyed exorbitant salaries and incredible publicly financed health care.

One more year of high unemployment and underemployment desecrating the ranks of transgender people helplessly victimized by tyrannical employers.

And the DRUMS go on.

One more year of our people suffering and dieing because we can't see a DOCTOR.

MARCH on Washington. No more excuses Speaker Pelosi. MOVE ENDA NOW.

Punch these buttons 202-225-4965. Call Speaker Pelosi's office and demand she move ENDA NOW!

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