Courage Campaign and GetEqual: Speaker Pelosi Pass ENDA Now!

Speaker Pelosi: It's time to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act
Sign our petition asking the Speaker to bring ENDA to a vote now
After the historic passage of health care reform, we now have an opportunity to transform the lives of Americans again by passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

As shocking as it may be to believe in the year 2010, in 29 states a lesbian, gay or bisexual person can be fired simply because of their sexual orientation and in 38 states a transgender person can be fired because of their gender identity. That's why the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is so vitally important.

We've seen the passion Speaker Pelosi brought to the challenge of passing health care reform. Now more than ever, we need her passion and skill to achieve the passage of ENDA. Please join Cleve Jones, the Courage Campaign and GetEQUAL in adding your name to this petition that we will hand-deliver to Speaker Pelosi:

Dear Speaker Nancy Pelosi --

With health care legislation passing, now is the time to institute workplace protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people by passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin says she believes that we have the votes to pass ENDA, and Rep. George Miller has said the bill is ready to come out of committee now that the health care bill has passed.

As Speaker of the House of Representatives, we call on you to act boldly and decisively and bring ENDA to the floor for a vote now.

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