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Ashlee Evans-Smith MMA Cage fighter who beat Fallon Fox says she shouldn't fight woman

"Fallon Fox shouldn't fight dudes, Fox shouldn't fight woman. Transgender people should have a unique organization for those needs" - Ashlee Evans-Smith.

So why does Evans-Smith think Fallon Fox and other trans people should be segregated?

"She (fallon Fox) did have did have a unfair advantage."

And that was after Ashlee Evans-Smith she she won because she hit harder, grappled better, had better ground techniques, cardio and leg strength.

Would I fight Fallon Fox again? "No because I want to fight someone and I think all other woman want to compete against people on a equal playing field."

Meaning of course she doesn't think transgender woman are really woman.

"Oh and I hope LGBT people please don't hate me."

 Ironically after reading some of the comments on Youtube it appears that the Ashlee Evans-Smith interview enlightened many who were previously opposed Fallon Fox fighting other woman.

Fallon Fox responds to this interview rather incredulously on Outsports:

But, that's clearly not really what this is about. This is about the category she has me in within her own mind. It's apparent to me that many people see me as "transgender" and not "woman," meaning they don't look at me as female, they don't look at me as male, they look at me as something "other". How rude and uneducated! All of this "misgendering" because they are not used experiencing a trans woman.
I am not an "other." I am female, a woman. I am classified as a transgender woman or transsexual woman. The terms simply label the type of woman that I am. Black woman, white woman, lesbian woman, and straight woman are other examples of labels we put on different types of women. Saying that I should be segregated in a class of only trans women is ignorant and discriminatory. It's much like how they tried to say that black women shouldn't be allowed in track when they first competed. They said they belonged in a separate category all to themselves.
Every minority in sports has to go through this, and all because of ignorance and fear. It's only been within the last hundred years or so that modern medicine has created the ability for people to change their sex. Individuals like myself will have to struggle against the mindset of people like Ashlee Evans-Smith. It's sad that we have to repeat history over and over again. But, this is the reality.
I wonder if Ashlee Evans-Smith recognizes the historical irony of her discriminatory beliefs.


CFA 12 video: Fallon Fox Loses to Evans-Smith in 3rd round TKO

Evans-Smith came out and stunned Fallon Fox right from the beginning with a bad ass take down. I don't think Fallon Fox was prepared for this one.

Trigger warning. If you read any of the comments on the UFC or the MMA they are full of despicable transphobic asshats belittling womankind as a whole.

One person said that Fox was a two time loser. Once for cutting her 'junk' off and the second for being beaten by a girl. Yeah. That Misogynistic transphobic moron got a chance to voice his hate of womankind at the expense of transsexualism. Nice.

Stay strong Fallon Fox. Put that key back in the ignition and I'll meet you on the highway. Don't think we'll meet any of the fat asses along the run who posted those comments. There faces are filled with potato chips, bellies with beer and hearts with fear.


MMA Fight Video: Fallon Fox Trans Empowering Win Over Allanna Jones.

Fallon Fox toughest battle to date moves her to 3-0 and one step closer to the UFC. But there was much more to this win than just another clean fight. Jones made this a dirty fight when she stepped into the ring.

I lost respect for Jones when entering the ring her corner played "Dude Looks Like a Lady". Was no blow was too low for Jones? That was a intentional transphobic hate mongering move pandering to those in the crowd who believe Fox shouldn't fight in the women's division, and there were plenty of them judging by the reactions to this video on You Tube. Or was she just making excuses for the forthcoming lose to a superior fighter?

Some of the You Tube comments were so bad they were most likely posted by TERFs who true to their cowardly modus operandi wouldn't miss an opportunity like that to anonymously ferment hate.

Undoubtedly Fox heard Jones's entrance theme too because during the fight the two seemed to dispense with customary good will glove touches a number of times. But in the Tap Out, much to Fox's credit, she only exerted enough pressure to let Jones know it was over.

Fox, a mother of one, is putting herself and her family out there in a way no other transgender woman would have dared before. She has made herself the symbol of transgender empowerment directly confronting misogynism, cisgenderism and transphobia in their last patriarchal sanctuary, the fight cage.

And for the record it's not 'gender reassignment' it's 'SEXUAL reassignment surgery'. You can not reassign gender, its hard wired, innate. I wish American men like the AXS TV announcers would be fearlessness enough to say sex. Sex sex, sex.

Fallon Fox won and is one step closer to the UFC. But its not for the money, yet anyways. She's also doing this, however inadvertently, for all transgender people because most MMA fighters only make enough of the sales from promoters to pay bills and many have regular day jobs.


MMA Cage Fighter Matt Mitrione facing Community Service Benefiting The Transgender Community For Fallon Fox Hate

Two days after his 19-second knockout win over Philip De Fries, UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione has had his contract suspended by the promotion for calling Fallon Fox a "lying, sick, sociopath, disgusting freak.". according to USA Today.

This is making headlines everywhere but in the world of MMA cage fighting calling someone a freak happens everyday, so what really got Mitrione suspended?

So I transcribed (roughly) The MMA Hour interview Matt Mitrione which starts about the 18 miniute point.

Mitrione: In the heat of a moment you can have a full rational thought. When I was starting my ground pounding against Phil I though about my options and immediately thought since he (Fallon Fox) is a Lioyd Irvin student maybe he doesn't know how to defend against a rape joke. He definitely knows how to apply a rape joke but he doesn't know hoe to defend it"

Ariel Helwani : All of a sudden you win a fight and you get your swag back thats nice to see.

Mitrione: My favorite joke is the last one, this is where it gets kinda gruesome..."

"It's amazing how life imitates art. The lead antagonist Buffalo Bill is a woman beater that pretends to be a woman well maybe instead of being the queen of swords Fallon Fox should consider being the king of the buffaloes."

"I have not seen a man beat a woman like that since Chris Brown beat Rihanna. That is just exceptional how he (Fallon Fox) beatss unknowing woman like that. Anyways my last joke since he's obviously intent on braking all the rules on fighting, if he ever fights again which I hope he doesn't if he loses to a woman will he charge that woman with a hate crime since that woman opposes on his freedom as a tranny?

Ariel Helwani : Why do you hate Fallon Fox so much and why do you keep callin a 'she' a 'he'?

Then looks directly into the camera no longer reading from a card explains:

"Because he's not a she. He had a gender change not a sex change he's still a man for 31 years, 31 years, thats a couple years younger than I am, he was a man and 6 years of taking performance dehancing drugs you think it's going to change all that? Thanks ridiculous. That's a lying sick sociopathic disgusting freak! And I man that because you lied on your license to beat up woman. That' disgusting you should be embarrassed of yourself...the Florida licence deal that's an embarrassment to us we should all protest that. The woman thats fighting him props to you I hope you beat his ass and I hope he gets black balled and never fights again."

The possible penalties Mitrione might face may include a finical penalty which would be a huge hit on his finances now he finally won a bout.

But the last thing Mitrione would want would be the penalty UFC Executive Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence Epstein detailed when akec about the new code of conduct in February:

“For example, if you make a discriminatory comment about a certain community, you would be required to provide some community service to that community,” Epstein said. “In our view that’s going to turn into a benefit. It’s easy to criticize people you don’t know, but once you get to know somebody, once you get to experience what they’re all about it sort of changes you as a person in a way that money or fines could never do.”

I think that would be a fine idea.


MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Comes Out As Transgender Amid A ROAR Of Controversy

Cage fighter Fallon Fox lived stealth for five years demolishing opponents in the MMA ring but a phone call changed all that. Reluctantly Fallon Fox revealed to her fans, trainers and other fighters her post operative trans status.

Now that Falln Fox is "out" cries of impropriety are echoing expecially after her 39 second knock out of a Coral Cables Florida woman this week and four first round wins.

In an apparent mix up, a receipt from the California Athletic Commission which appears like a licence was mistaken by Fallon Fox as such and was most likely helpful in getting her Florida licence. The California Athletic Commission has now said that they are in the process of modifying those receipts to eliminate this confusion in the future.(after all this time?)

Most people commenting on Cage Junkie seem to think she lied and should be disqualified.

Outsports a recognized authority on transgender participation has a different take:

"She has solid ground to stand on. Given her physical transition, she would be eligible to compete in the Olympic Games as she meets the International Olympic Committees' standards for trans athletes. If she were so inclined, she would be eligible to compete on the LPGA Tour and the WTA."

The Florida Commission has Fox Fallon's licence under review but what about her next bouts?

USA Today reports that "In the meantime, Fox's next bout, which was scheduled for April 20 as part of a semifinal bout in an eight-women tournament at 145 pounds, is on hold as her promoter, Cage Fighting Alliance, has canceled the event in a show of support."

"We stand 120,000 percent behind Fallon," CFA CEO Jorge De La Nova said. "She's a female. She's a very sweet girl. There's a lot of money on the line for her, and she's performed very well. We're going to give her a couple of weeks to see how this thing turns out."