MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Comes Out As Transgender Amid A ROAR Of Controversy

Cage fighter Fallon Fox lived stealth for five years demolishing opponents in the MMA ring but a phone call changed all that. Reluctantly Fallon Fox revealed to her fans, trainers and other fighters her post operative trans status.

Now that Falln Fox is "out" cries of impropriety are echoing expecially after her 39 second knock out of a Coral Cables Florida woman this week and four first round wins.

In an apparent mix up, a receipt from the California Athletic Commission which appears like a licence was mistaken by Fallon Fox as such and was most likely helpful in getting her Florida licence. The California Athletic Commission has now said that they are in the process of modifying those receipts to eliminate this confusion in the future.(after all this time?)

Most people commenting on Cage Junkie seem to think she lied and should be disqualified.

Outsports a recognized authority on transgender participation has a different take:

"She has solid ground to stand on. Given her physical transition, she would be eligible to compete in the Olympic Games as she meets the International Olympic Committees' standards for trans athletes. If she were so inclined, she would be eligible to compete on the LPGA Tour and the WTA."

The Florida Commission has Fox Fallon's licence under review but what about her next bouts?

USA Today reports that "In the meantime, Fox's next bout, which was scheduled for April 20 as part of a semifinal bout in an eight-women tournament at 145 pounds, is on hold as her promoter, Cage Fighting Alliance, has canceled the event in a show of support."

"We stand 120,000 percent behind Fallon," CFA CEO Jorge De La Nova said. "She's a female. She's a very sweet girl. There's a lot of money on the line for her, and she's performed very well. We're going to give her a couple of weeks to see how this thing turns out."

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Lysana said...

I wish her all the best of luck. And her presence may draw me into MMA at last if she survives this controversy and keeps on fighting.