Demand The Turkish Government, The UNHCR and Taksim Police Address Transphobic Human Rights abuses

Text from the petition begun by the international group Wipe Out Transphobia calling on the worldwide trans community to stand with our Turkish family.

"The transgender* human rights record for Turkey is only second to Brazil. In the past 12 months 4 trans woman (travesti) in Istanbul have been brutally murdered. The last murder was less then a week ago and the victim (name yet to be released) passed away in hospital on the same day as a protest rally protesting the eviction of 20 trans woman from their group houses in the Mis area of Istanbul Turkey."

"Currently Turkey is a signatory to the UN however has been refused EU stais due to poor human rights record. We would like to shine a spotlight on Turkey's poor human rights record not only for trans people but the wider GLBTI communities."

:The Taksim Police in particularly have been instrumental in keeping this poor human rights record at an all time low and should be made accountable on the world stage."

please sign and share far and wide...

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