Sun TV Host Michael Coren's Vile Attack on our Little Sister, Coy Mathis

Sun Tv host Michael Coren knows his screed attacking 6 year old Coy Mathis would invoke a response from reasonable intelligent people. I almost feel like I'm playing into his hand by acknowledging his existence. Almost. There must be a rebuttal to ignorance even if its as pathetically transparent as this is.

As a friend of the Mathis family I am ill after watching this video. How could anyone say these awful things about such a loving family and dear daughter?

Coy is a girl. She knew she was a girl as did I in my earliest recollections. The real harm will come one day because Coy will watch this video and if she had any doubts that some people are ignorant assholes, she won't after watching this video. Want to know how people are responding to the screed? There's a well written article and a discussion over at Pink News.

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