We're Hiring: We've Reached The Trans Equality Tipping Point

Transgender Law Center, CA, USA

[3/16/2013 Email]

We're Hiring & Other Big News!

If you've been watching the news, you've seen that we're approaching a tipping point toward equality and justice for transgender people. Heck, just in the past few weeks coverage included our friends Laurie and Devon on the Katie Couric Show, Phoenix passing an inclusive non-discrimination ordinance, and Massachusetts instructing schools to allow transgender youth to use the appropriate facilities at school. Progress is happening folks!

Expanding Our Staff

Transgender Law Center has reached a tipping point too. We've hired Cecilia Chung as our new Senior Strategist. We're in the final stages of hiring a new Deputy Director and Program Manager. And now, I'm proud to announce that we will hire an additional Staff Attorney to help us grow our national impact. Please share the job opening far and wide so that we can attract the most talented pool of applicants possible!

Broadening Our Impact

The TLC staff are busy working on all kinds of projects that will create waves of equality for years to come. We currently are representing clients in South Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Missouri, Arizona, and Nevada. As we are able, we'll share more about these cases! We're supporting two bills in California, one that will make sure transgender students have a fair opportunity to participate in programs and facilities that match their gender, and one that will finally eliminate the costly and burdensome court requirements for
legally changing your gender.

Supporting The Movement

Additionally, we continue to work in collaboration with our partners -from signing Amicus Briefs supporting marriage equality to joining our friends Pride at Work in educating labor leaders about the importance of collective bargaining for transgender health benefits. We also joined in efforts with National Center for Transgender Equality and Just Detention International to encourage Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to strengthen standards to prevent sexual abuse against LGBT immigration detainees, and contributed to a fund to help LGBT Dreamers obtain student visas.

Celebrating Our Work

I can't believe we're already gearing up to celebrate our 11th Anniversary with a fabulous Gala. There will be several surprises this year, but one that I'm super excited about is that we are accepting public nominations for our Vanguard Award! Click here to nominate a mover and shaker in the community who you think deserves recognition.

I am so proud of everyone involved in this movement - those of you sharing your stories with your friends and those of you campaigning for anti-discrimination laws in your hometowns or even at the White House. Everyone has a role to play in making the world a more fair and just place.

With great pride,

Masen Davis
Executive Director

P.S. All this progress sometimes has its set-backs. With your support we'll be able to weather any challenges that come our way, and continue this incredible momentum. Please donate what you can today!.

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