Film "Çocuğum" ile Türk tabu yıkıcı Shattering Turkish Taboos With the Movie "My Child"

The news from Turkey nearly always heartbreaking, is instead today, groundbreaking.

 Just released a movie made in Turkey about LGBT youth and the incredible hardships they face. But who would make such a thing in this land where we read about the horrific murders of trans people many regulated to sex work and honor killings , the tragic slaughter of sons and daughters by family compelled by a false sense of shame and guilt?

The answer is Turkey's bravest  LISTAG (Families of LGBTs in İstanbul)! These souls, who I am so honored to write about today, are the ones featured in this documentary titled My Child.

Meet Mother Pinar, a founding member of Listag and the mother to a transgender child who "was raised in a traditional family with “honorable woman”, “not to come home after it’s dark” kind of myths and of course with sins, taboos and disgraces like many of woman in her generation."

So how was it that Mother Pinar found herself with her daughter on our road less traveled? Read about this incredible woman in Gays of Turkey.

Visit the offical My Child website and learn how you can bring this documentry to your family.

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