Finding T friendly faces in the United Methodist Church

By Kelli Busey


It never seems to fail. I spend hour to get my my 6ft frame all dressed, perfumed, accessorized and face all made up. I have my manicure filled and check the most minute detail. After all this, I end up going to some ultra conservative church function filled with mainly 60 year old pillars of the community. You can guess what happen s next.
Nothing. No one makes any notice. No one stares. Children smile. I am invited to teach in both Sunday school and public school. I am hugged and warmly greeted. I am invited to please come back soon.
I am happy. I am filled with joy and gratitude that so great a institution as the United Methodist may welcome me, a Transgender woman into its fold. We transgender are in ministry and layity.

We have a long way to go back though. We have to go back for people left behind. Our gay, Lesbian and Bisexual brethren are on the far shore, staring as the ship we are on,the ship of hope sets sail.
We are in a unique position. Now it us who must find it in our hearts to stand up as the LBB community did for ENDA and shout NO. We will not leave them behind. We will not allow the ourselves to be comforted until we are united. United in one church.

The United Methodist Church!

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