Transgender Woman, Jennifer Gale, former Dallas mayoral candidate found dead

Many thanks to Stephanie Stevens at Transgender News at Yahoo Groups for alerting us to the sad news that transgender icon and former Austin and Dallas Mayoral candidate Jennifer Gale was found dead.
One Austin activist who was in tears said although the body has yet to be identified and the cause of death determined, there was belief that the recent cold temperatures may have played a role in Ms. Gales untimely demise.
Ms. Gale who's concern for the homeless was born out of living this life brought reality to a conversation often dominated by the wealthy. Ms. Gale presented facts on what the needs of the homeless are from first hand experience.
Ms. Jennifer was well liked and respected at Dallas City Hall for being a gentle and kind person who brought uniqueness and an unfaltering sense of civic duty to their daily lives.
I did not know you Jennifer, but my friends sadness at your passing grieves me deeply. God Bless you Jennifer Gale.

By kelli Busey kellibusey@yahoo.com
December 17, 2008


shrink on the couch said...

from austin newspaper website:

"Gale routinely attended Austin City Council meetings, county commissioners court and school board meeting, often presenting her political arguments in song. On Tuesday, she sang “Silent Night” at a city health and human services subcommittee meeting"

Sleep in heavenly peace, Jennifer.

Queers United said...

this string of killings particularly on trans-women lately is tragic and really concerning. If Obama doesn't act quickly to pass a hate crimes bill that is inclusive, I give up hope on his message of change.