Bash Back Chicago Convergence Collides with Chicago PD

Bash Back the Radical Queer Agenda.

That headline garnered 1000's of views when it last as posted on planetransgender. In an effort to write fairly about our whole community without excluding anyone and without seeming to be self promoting attention hungry radical queer I'll write about Bash Back again.


Bash Back represents the hunger, sex and anger of our youth. Bash Back does not prescribe to the current tenants most of us do in our effort to fit in.

Bash Back rejects HRC. Bash Back seems to integrate social disobedience with public sexual acts.

All pretty Radical. All stretch your mind and invigorate thought. Without we become vegetables. Bad news for us fruits.

Windy City News "Arrests on Halsted: Radicals Clash with Police"

Bash Back Wikipedia

Bash Back News

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