TYFA : Being an Effective Advocate for Your Child

A Message from Kim Pearson
Being an Effective Advocate for Your Child: How do you go about making sure your transgender child is accepted? Here are some effective guidelines as to how to proceed.

A "safe folder" is a collection of documents that are assembled in a binder or folder. It will be useful in protecting your family and educating others. This is something that you should not put off until you I "know for sure." As soon as you suspect that your child might be transgender you should begin assembling this folder.

"Puberty Blockers 101": a guide to puberty blockers -- what they do, what they cost, and how to find an appropriate prescriber.

If you see the value in work like this please consider making a donation today. July, August and September we are in high demand to provide education to schools who have students who have transitioned over the summer. We do not charge families for this service and the schools rarely find it in their budget to cover our expenses. Won't you please help?


Kim Pearson
Executive Director

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