Faith Has No Boundaries~The Bridge to Victory for LGBT Advocates

Like a fireman guiding a plume of water faith based GLBT advocacy focuses on the very root and cause of bigotry and ignorance.

LGBT faith advocates that worship with people who oppose us on equality, in their Churches, are accessing the most viable path to successfully opening hearts and may soon share an incredible spiritual link with even our most intense opponent.

Christs love knows no boundaries.

LGBT Faith advocates are absolutely essential for our civil rights movements success.

In Christianity, historically the most successful and victorious opponents of GLBT rights worships along side of us every Sunday. We might be sharing the same interior walls or be miles apart but we are together none the less at the base of Christ's cross.

Some Christian ministers have become lost and have divided their congregations by encouraging distrust, fear and anger. Yes fear and anger. This is what motivated the originators of the exclusion of people of color in the past, and presently is targeting LGBT people by seeking to deny us from full participation in worship and serving our god.

There is one fatal flaw to that strategy. In the long run anger becomes a barren rock, swept clean of all pretentious facades, exposing to believers of Christ the underlying ugliness of bigotry.

Christians soon recognize hate as contrary to everything we share and love and the process of doubting these unfortunate and misleading ministries begins. A new fertile soil is joined with the rock and our tears nurture the seeds of love and hope.

The when and where this realization begins is up to each and everyone of us.

If we only worship in our LGBT churches the word of Christ will remain muted. If we choose to be a part of this wind and worship on Sundays when we are strong enough to bare our souls at Churches we know reject us, we bring this conversation undeniably to full view.

Choose a Sunday!

Choose a Sunday when you feel strong, put on apparel, {or in my case I'm a transgender woman and I just have to go:} that makes you visible and sit down in a pew. Breath in the moment. You will feel every possiable emotion being emitted from your neighbours. Fear and loathing will be first. These are learned reactions so when people see that you are there to truly worship distrust and fear are discarded. Some may still loath you and object to your very presence and You might be denied communion. Its not easy, but our saviour suffered for us so we us could do this. On that very day you will have accomplished a miracle. You will have touched people deeply by your bravery and faith. You will have introduced and communicated on a personal level our community to people who otherwise would have never known us.

Whether I am going to burn in hell as one Baptist Minister told me or that I am a true disciple of Jesus, as I am convinced we share our faith together. I will go to his church on Sunday and love Jesus Christ as much as if I was in a MCC Church. This is the bridge. Solid as a rock and available for us to cross to victory.

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Kelli Anne Busey
June 5, 2009

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