Companies That Pulled Support from Rob and Arnie at KRXQ and KDOT | Send Praise

The following companies have pulled their support from KRXQ, not wanting to be associated with two men who laugh about children being abused. These companies listened to the show, and decided it was indefensible.
Actions have consequences.

Here’s contact information for the companies, for those who like writing thank-you notes:

[Copy and paste activist email list and note at bottom of post]

AT&T: mcoe@attnews.us
Bank of America: scott.silvestri@bankofamerica.com
McDonald’s: walt.riker@us.mcd.com
Snapple: Jenni.Ottum@jda.com
Sonic: chris_taylor@sonic.com
Verizon: robert.a.varettoni@verizon.com
Wells Fargo: corpcsf@wellsfargo.com

Phones Number only

Nissan North America: 800-647-7261

Carl’s Jr (CKE Restaurants)
Guest Response Line:(877) 799-7827


Feel free to copy and Paste email list and note~


Thank You for caring about children's welfare

To who it concerns,

Thank you for taking action and offering the only response that Rob and Arnie would take notice of.

By you withdrawing your fiscal support you have demonstrated responsibility and decency. By your response you have set a moral bar for the corporations that have not acted to endeavour to reach.

Thank you,


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