Despite assurances from NCTE Barney Frank say's there will be Gender police.

Full disclosure by Washington transgender groups demanded. Talk about the real reason ENDA is failing transgender people.

Washington Post "Rep. Heath Shuler, D-N.C., the chief whip for the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of moderate House Democrats, says he opposes voting on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act this year. Shuler also said he "can't imagine" the bill will make it to the House floor. Meanwhile, some Democrats on Capitol Hill say while a vote is still expected, they worry that Republicans will try to derail the bill by offering motions that could weaken its transgender provisions."

"Frank says he understands why moderate Republicans and politically vulnerable Democrats have "some uneasiness" about the issue. He has addressed two of the bigger concerns: workplace bathroom use and the appearance of transgender employees."

"People aren't going to be disrobing" in the bathroom in front of colleagues "with the opposite set of genitals," Frank explained. To that end, he said, the bill would seek to protect employers from lawsuits."

"The other issue, he said, is the "mustache and dress" (ick) factor involving transgender employees and the reactions of clients and customers. Employers would be able to enforce what Frank called "consistent gender presentation." Washington Post 5/13

I'll be a monkeys aunt if that ain't the penis police.

Pussy cops?

Frank, you will have make sure there ain't no pussies in the men's room. I mean, gender expression swings both ways. No smooth faces or effeminate sissies. Only knuckle dragging neanderthals allowed in this men's room by golly. We're grabbing crotches and you better have a working package and a face full of stubble or your OUT'a HERE!

Who's the deputy dog? It's your boss. UNBELEVIABLE!

ENDA up in the crapper again.


Battybattybats said...

Straight women share public amenities with lesbians, straight men with gay men.

If they can handle that then whats the problem when the TG person may not even be sexually oriented towards the people they are sharing the bathroom with? Unlike the Lesbians, unlike the Gays?

Anonymous said...

"whats the problem when the TG person may not even be sexually oriented towards the people they are sharing the bathroom with?"

The problem: Barney Frank doesn't hate gay men or lesbians.