ENDA in danger of becoming incremental inequality

BUS Driver, our stop is FULL Equality or keep going!

The true reason ENDA has remained in subcommittee so long and has not seen a vote. This topic remained ignored by Washington transgender organizations that the trans community relies on to advocate for us in good faith untill planetransgender, the ENDA Blog and Pam's House Blend irritated NCTE's Mara Keisling enough to host a conversation about it.

Keisling invited us all to a public conference call and then she went on to insult us, calling us "IDIOTS" and humiliated me by calling my blog out by name and accusing me of perpetuating wild false rumors, in a effort to shut down the trans authors unbiased and bold enough to do honest investigative reporting.

That's a dirty dealing Mara Keisling, and not worthy of the transgender experience.

Unsubstantiated rumors Keisling? Hardly. Reality is, our well being is interfering with your ambition/birthday presents.

The debated issues, statements by the lead proponent of ENDA, Congressman Barney Frank, suggesting ENDA may become a law subjectively employed by your employer.

Rollcall.com reported recently that Congress Barney Frank is giving away the rights that common decency grants us now.
Frank was quoted also as saying "...concessions were made in the drafting of the language to address moderates’ concerns. For instance, Frank said, transgender people with “one set of genitals” would not be able to go to a bathroom for people with another set of genitals."

Incremental inequality? Yeah we got that. How but subjective inequality? Lots of that because the House democrats memories are long enough to recall the upheaval after they participated in running transfolk over in 07 and are making great efforts to write ENDA to appease the uninitiated and please the haves.

Yeah, this ENDA house bill might be chock full of ambiguous wording vague enough to insure "Moderate"/chickenshit democrats get reelected since they have already been given a free pass by House speaker Nancey Pelosi that they aren't going to be held accountable for being chickenshit if only they toe the National democrats line.

Why didn't these SAME democrats vote for a inclusive ENDA last time around? They pleaded and whined that they were junior legislators in red states and were afraid they would not be reelected if they voted for a inclusive ENDA.

One bright star is Tammy Baldwin, who according to Congess.com. "had little sympathy for the complaints of moderate lawmakers who question the political wisdom of pushing gay rights bills in a difficult election year."

Baldwin said “Name one issue where you don’t hear that?” she said. “They should choose another profession.”

Human rights legislation that is incremental or allows another to measure another persons right to be included or segregated is inhuman. Given our history in the united states we should easily recognize a failed concept when it's memory is so vivid.

Ask any person who was forced to use a segragated bathroom, expecially one in a school environment. I did and I was not allowed to forget that I was different. The harassment became so intense I became afraid for my well being and I left school.

Ask anyone who is in a contentious situation at work because of their gender. Those tensions were probably created by segregation which never, never works and is unjustifiable.

You may convince yourself something is better than nothing if you wish, but look at New Jersey's gay populations misery under a separate but not equal marriage law to see if a substitute for equality is acceptable. No its not.

Demand FULL equality!

Tell this Bus driver to get off the bus and we will find someone who will DRIVE.

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