Understanding Gay Misogyny: Why "Ticked off Tra**ies with Knives"?

Ain’t nothin’ hotter than a dead girl

To many transgender people the whole concept of Misogyny is a mystery and to others like myself, it is not.

I once identified out of fear as male and played the male dominate role. It had been ingrained in my psyche and served as my cover so no one would get a glimpse of my true self, except.....

.....when I had to lower my defenses as I had to do frequently to engage in sex. Then I was feminine and emotionally accessible and afterwards I felt angry. Angry at myself for being vulnerable, at my sexual partner for seeing my vulnerabilities and in my momentarily sedated mind I was especially angy at my temporary sexual partners for capitalizing on my vulnerabilities.

Seeking retribution and a way to mend my broken self I would tell sexist jokes, visit strip clubs, act disrespectfully and generally try to makeup for my lack of self respect by exhibiting passive aggressive behaviour towards women.

Exit Mr and enter Ms. I am asking you to take a leap of faith with me.

In believing I have transitioned and have had many years introspection and spiritual growth thats allowed me to view that "me" with a rear view mirror. That intimate knowledge of misogyny and the resultant behaviour enables me with a unique vantage point.

But why are so many gay men so enthralled with stereotyping as sexually inferior transgender woman, usurping and denigrating transgender phraseology and whats up with this violence? First lets get a handle on what misogyny is and thanks to glbtq Social Science we will debunk it's mystery.

"Misogyny" literally means "hatred of women." However, in everyday usage, beliefs and actions described as misogynist range from intense hatred of women to a more subtle disdain that maintains women as inferior beings who must be dominated and controlled by men. There are some men who eagerly adopt the label of misogynist and others who take its definition literally to mean hatred and therefore absolve themselves of the charge."

Curious is the response of a few transwoman who defend "TO$WK"!

"Misogyny also infects women, including their attitudes toward themselves as well as toward others. Just as there are homophobic queer people, there are also misogynistic women."

So how is Misogyny exhibited socially?

"Misogyny, and societal acceptance of it, can be blamed for men's violence against female family members, as well as strangers; discrimination against women in employment, education, and politics; lack of appropriate health care for women (such as inadequate funding for research on female cancers); and continuing unequal divisions of labor in the home, among many other social inequities."

How does misogyny effect gay men?

"Gay men are both perpetrators of misogyny and victims of it. In all-male societies where women are neither necessary nor desired, gay men can create a misogynistic culture without the existence of any women to object."

"Gay men's use of drag, as well as campy humor imitating or making fun of women, can be seen as misogynist behavior. Drag exaggerates and flaunts over-the-top femininity in a way that few women would or could. While many drag artists and connoisseurs respect and appreciate women, others engage in drag with the conscious understanding that they are making fun of women, or at least of certain aspects of female behavior and existence."

So how as a transgender woman does gay misogyny affect my life?

"As individuals who reside in the borderlands between maleness and femaleness, or who try to cross this border, transgendered people are subject to particularly virulent misogyny (wit TO$WK). Men who are seen as "acting like women" are subjected to misogynist violence by men who see them as degrading masculinity. Women who are seen as "acting like men" are often especially targeted by misogynists, who believe such behavior is a corruption of nature. Fear of violence from misogynists and others forces many transgender people to try to hide who they are, an onerous task in daily life."

How can I better the transgender experience for people yet to begin there trip on our road less traveled?

I am working hard to expose this sickness in our LGBTQ community. You may also and we can help to open one gay persons heart, stop one gay man from attending TO#WK, stop one LGBTQ film festival from gorging at the temple of transplotation, we have succeeded for today.

For today! Tomorrow as our detractors have often noted much to there dismay, we will work again Never satisfied untill we are treated as fully equal in the Gay and Lesbian Bi Sexual world.

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