TELL your Congressperson a FULLY Inclusive ENDA or Nothing!

There has been firestorm generated by Congressman Barney Franks statements recently reported by Roll Call.com that essentially said Frank has bargained away the rights we are granted by common decency to appease 'moderate' Democrats in order to get votes to move ENDA.

Since ENDA HR(3017) remains in committee and the exact wording has not been released it is only conjecture that the bill will have a harmful affect on our lives but why wait untill it is TOO LATE to ADVOCATE?

Tell Frank and your Legislators you will not accept "Human Rights" legislation that dehumanizes you.

A link provided by Dr, Julian Weiss, co chair Inclusive Enda provides a one click link to your congressional representative, and I would recommend copying and pasting the following message to personalize the one provided by Julian to make your ENDA message gender inclusive;

Copy this, then click the link below to the Inclusive ENDA letter, paste it there to make your message unambiguous that you demand full rights even when we pee.

Transgender people have in the absence of the final wording of ENDA been given information that our rights to use the correct restroom are being bargained away in order to get votes to pass the House version of ENDA. This is unacceptable.

We demand full equality especially from legislation that portends to be a human rights bill.

Do not include stipulations that segregates transgender people or disallows pre SRS transgender people from using the correct restroom whether it is a multiple stall facility or not.

Do not include language that allows a employer to make a subjective judgement about the stage of our transitions.

Representative, if you can not create a bill that at least allows us the privilege to life that we enjoy now do not include transgender people in ENDA!

Then click Enda123 to send your message!

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