Equality Maryland: Deceit and Censorship = Transgender Rights

Maryland journalist Danna LaRocca and my comments on Equality Maryland facebook continue to be deleted even as I attempt to answer EQMD's membership questions why there has been no publicity regarding HB235 other than side notes to marriage equality.

In the capture below Elizabeth questions EQMD why there are no google returns other than EQMD press releases about HB235.

I posted the following comment on February 21 at 7:56am ET

By 8:56am on February 21, 2011 my comment was deleted.

Methodist Marylanders and others of faith, I ask you to confront EQMD and demand she let transgender people have fair and equal access to the Facebook page. Please ask them what is more important, the EQMD's marriage agenda or the lives and well being of the transgender Marylanders they are stomping on?

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Missy said...

I would love to leave EQMD a comment non their facebook page. However, when I go to their page I can find no way to leave a comment or join the page.