Boston Herald "TRANNIE" is what a 16 year old calls a gear shift. Not a HUMAN.

Letter To The Editor And Staff Writers, Boston Herald

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Sunday July 13, 2008
Letter To The Editor And Staff Writers, Boston Herald

I find the Article written by Jessica Van Sack, "Undercover 'John' takes on trannies, pimps" July 7, 2008 to be offensive and demeaning to the Transgender Minority it grievously denigrates by continuously calling transgender people "trannies".

This term at very best was used on Jerry Springer shows as a sensationalistic slur and at it's worst as the last thing a terrified transgender victim hears before our life's are ended in horrific acts of violence.

I have faced that violence Ms. Sack. I have been left for dead by a person who felt enabled by attitudes expressed like yours from the media, religious and government figures.

I am reminding Ms. Sack that while she may beleave herself to be personally immune from the fallout of this article, genetic Woman suffer as a consequence of denigrating transgender woman because they are seen as equally venerable as a transgender woman.

Ms. Sack. Lets take this to a new level of awareness.

This perceived vulnerability applies to you mother, sisters and close friends as they walk down a Boston street today.

I demand that the writer of this article issue a public apology for the intentionally insulting language contained in this article.

I demand that the Boston Herald offer a public retraction of this story.

I demand that Jessica Van Sack be removed from her position with the Boston Herald in the event she refuses to comply with the above demands.

Kelli Busey
Transgender Advocate

cc; Paul Karr, Director of Media Field Strategy, GLAAD,
Gunner Scott, Director, MTPC


Queers United said...

Kelli thanks for your comment, it was moving. You should be proud to be trans and queer. You are beautiful and enrich the fabric of diversity.

Thanks for the additional contacts here, I am gonna email them and add them to my entry, as I only had Jessica's email. Ugh what a scumbag she is.

Queers United said...

i was thinking of titling my email FIRE JESSICA VAN SACK OF SHIT. I decided to be more mature and professional LOL. It is tempting though, considering their level of immaturity and lack of concern for peoples feelings.

planet trans said...

Thank you my friend! You made my day!

Where's Jimbo? said...

You are a gifted writer Kelli....great article!!!

shrink on the couch said...

"The article you requested has been archived "

crap. I can't read the whole article.

shrink on the couch said...

I was able to read more of Sack's article here


but not in full. Does anyone have a link to more?

I get really pissed off with the whole sensationalizing of PD's "sex crimes" units.

Legitimate sexual violence is occurring at epidemic levels in every corner of society .. with terrifyingly low prosecution rates.. but instead we illuminate macho jock-cops busting women for selling what men line up in droves to pay for. Its insane and puritanistic.