"Queers United" The real McCoy

Yes my friends I have posted a positive article about HRC (see below HRC ROCKS TO WIN post) and here is why;

To Queers United,

This is a tribute to your vision!
This is a tribute to your passion!
Thank you for finding ways to click!
This is a tribute to your love for the whole GLBTAIQ !

Your selfless friendship and support of my RADICAL transagenda has at times brought you controversy, sometimes a shitstorm even.
I'm here to say.
IF YA NEED ANYTHING YOU JUST CALL ON ME!!! We will together as all queer folks must, weather all storms, survive any attack and do it in style, together. As one family.
QUEERS UNITED. You are the Real McCoy!!


Please visit our allies at Queers United by clicking the title!!!

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Queers United said...

Kelli you got tears in my eyes. You are a sweetheart! We will fight as one, united we stand!

Much love,