Queers United: Open Forum: Queer-Positive Role Models

Queers United: Open Forum: Queer-Positive Role Models

Queers United asks you, "Is there anyone in your life that is Queer-positive that has been a good role model for you?".


Jackie said...

That's interesting to think about. It's good that there are some visible GLBT people in the media for young folks to see if there are no personal role models. Back in the day, I would have given anything for a Ellen D or Missy Ethridge or even Will and Grace. But, of course we need more Transgendered role models out there visible.

planet trans said...

And my number 1 is....
Jesus (gasp) yes our lord and saviour!
My Pastor who offers communion with with Jesus.
All the members of Christs communion. The ones I know personally at Agape MCC, Reconciling Ministries Network(Methodist), Soulforce, all the 100's of Universal Unitarians in the DFW, the Baptist Minister I had a great conversation with at Walmarts yesterday and on and on....I love Will and Grace also!!

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