Lawrence King I will remember you

There is a strong movement which is being supported by our most staunch advocates and allies to lessen the punnishment that Brandon McInerney, the killer of Lawrence King may receive.

IN memory of all hate crimes I offer my life experience,

I opened my eyes not knowing where I was, where I lived, or even my name. All I knew was absolute terror and my nearly dead body’s unrelenting scream of agony.

For hate crime survivors the world becomes a place where you hold all your life experiences in comparison to being beat to death.

A rose, a sunrise, a friends hug.

That’s what it is like to "survive" hate crime.

I pray that Lawrence’s experience was not as horrific. I pray as he transitioned to life with our creator, he found love and peace.

Brandon McInerney is among us on this planet, sharing our lives's in my opinion Brandon should willingly ask for the maximum penalty to dissuade others from parroting his life.
This action would set into motion for Brandon a process that will allow him to forgive himself and eventually find freedom that no prison bars can contain.


shrink on the couch said...

This story, and yours, are both tragic. I'm glad you survived. I can't imagine what it must have been like, what it's still like, remembering.

planet trans said...

The Bars I served behind are no different that the ones imprisoning Brandon. My sentence imposed by hateful criminals was 20years to life. I can live and love again praise the Lord.