When Joe So speaks the lemmings listen

The bruises suffered by a LESBIAN woman at the hands of HRC GOONS at the S.F. Black Tie. DO YOU SUPPORT THIS?
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Some from Joe Solmonese (HEad Dick of HRC) speech at S.F. black tie;

"Has it been without sharp disagreements about how best to move forward?" referring to the entire San Francisco GLBT community protesting, "No, as evidenced by the people protesting outside tonight."

FYI solmonese "those people" you are dismissing as "those" IS US THE QUEERS!

He went on to say;

"In any struggle for civil rights in this country, there have been occasions when different groups of people have marched down different roads. What is important to our ultimate success is that each of those roads ends at the same place"

You know this fool is really pissing me off. We QUEERS REJECT you solmonese. Yo are a charlatain and have lied and mislead us for long enough.

We have asked YOU solmonese, we have PLEADED with you Solmonese and now we are TELLING you Solmonese WE REJECT YOU AND YOUR HOMOPHOBIC AGENDA.


Queers United said...

Hey Kelli,
I do not like Joe So. As far as the woman and the bruises. I read that she was disturbing the reception, I heard she got up and marched towards the stage and threw pamphlets everywhere which is why security took her out. I don't know what account to believe but I'd also understand why they would kick a protester out.

planet trans said...

Hi Eric,
I guess it depends on which version is more sympathetic to ones views, you are absolutely right. I am so mad at solmonese. I am being forced into a corner to protect my identity, religion and culture by this weasel. Her version is she calmly started handing out pamphlets and was dragged until she fell. At that point she said she started screaming she would go but they manhandled her out the door. Hence the deep bruises. Did she fabricate or elaborate? Whats a slight exageration if it justifies my anger.
I will try and be more objective in the future. I owe our friendship and my self respect that much.