Somewhere over the Rainbow

In our world of LGBT rainbows we are blessed with a wonderful variety of colors, like Skittles showering our lives.
I was at a baseball game with my youth group enjoying one of these beautiful crazy happy, sad moments. "How are you?" I asked as the young man sat down beside me. I had noticed him before in passing he was a quite somewhat reserved youth. I always saw him in the company some of our most energetic and popular members so I assumed he was just, you know, O.K.
"Fine" he replied as one of the full time staffers, Judith, introduced us I looked at this person and wondered aloud "who are you?"
"Jesus" he said, "My name is Jesus". I smiled my curiosity piqued "That's my favorite name" I announced.
Jesus, as it turns out is a lanky suntanned young man. His long black hair curling gracefully down his back. He looked thoughtfully at me for a momment and offered,
"I live near here, not far at all". We sat in silence in la sol hermosa del sudoeste watching our team at bat. "Are you in school?" I inquired "Yes" he said proudly and added, "We have so great a diversity, we call it the Skittles Factory".
"I love that concept" I remarked and then asked "So Jesus what are you doing this summer?". He started to reply but Judith proudly piped in "Jesus is going to fly for the first time to attend an Advocacy training program, he was selected out of a list of 500 hundred aplicants to attend." I had been previously eves dropping and now I understand the reason for the laundry list Judith and Jesus had been working on. "Oh that's wonderful." I replied. "I beleave our greatest reward is to have our youth return to us, as they become adults to be the next generation of advocates."

Judith said, "I would love to find someone to write about Jesus." Beaming at the chance to write "I will Judith." I said "Since becoming a volunteer here I have wanted to find a way to contribute."
Jesus looked wistfully and lamented, "I have lived here since I was one year old but but my family has not received any citizenship papers yet."
So here we are. I am sitting next to Jesus, a caring and generous defender of the vulnerable, striving against all odds to become a highly skilled advocate and return to his community. Only one small glitch. If Jesus were to publicly announce himself, he would jeopardise not only his, but also his entire families safety and security in the only country he has ever known and loved. Kind of like a Superman predicament or maybe a Jesus you and I think about a lot.
I could not help but admire Jesus and began to wonder what can I do. And then it occurred to me. We are one in the same, Jesus, you and I. We maintain Anonymity as a thin Vail in the Methodist faith to protect our lives we share with our loved ones, with our church and community against the virtual deportation, excommunication and possible endangering of our mortal love we have for Jesus Christ.
To lose this connection is in many ways a spiritual death penalty for trying to commune with humanity, to help others as Jesus does. I then saw on a bright cloudless day ¡estamos en alguna parte sobre el arco iris!


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