Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies now affiliated with the United Kingdoms Queer Youth Network

Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies a member of the US's Queer Today.com is now affiliated with The Youth Queer Network, UK's National LGBT Youth Organisation.

In a show of solidarity which reaches across the planet two queer organizations from separate continents have joined together to secure a better world for the gender diverse.

In a remarkable set of "coincidences" a GLB organization in the United Kingdom called the "Stonewall" has adopted an agenda identical in results of the United States Gay and Lesbian organization the "Human Rights Campaign."

Both organizations claim full inclusiveness in fundraising while simultaneously engaging in discrimination against and removal of Queer folk from consideration in human rights.

The shock wave that follows exclusionary actions taken by nationally recognized Gay and Lesbian groups results in the increases of horrific murders of young queer folk.

Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies adamantly and LOUDLY OPPOSES ANY agenda from any group who's actions result in the death of queer folk.

By kelli Busey
Nov 6, 2008

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