Georgia becoming transgender friendly (one municipality at a time)

By Kelli Busey
Nov. 2, 2008

The Southern Voice in a article by Matt Schafer reports that Doraville Georgia is taking steps to join Atlanta and Decatur in extending their non-discrimination statements to include transgender municipal employees.

According to the article both Cole Thaler, national transgender rights attorney for Lambda Legal and Jeff Graham, the executive director of Georgia Georgia Equality are instrumental in moving this forward.


shrink on the couch said...

I'll try to be as wordy as your Chinese commenter. I've never heard of Doraville but am very glad to learn that they are following Atlanta's lead.

planet trans said...

Thanks phd in yogurtry! I had to delete our "Chinese" friend's comment.
When I lived in Savannah I was told by a good ole boy "Son, we don't do it like that around here"
Times they is a changing<;)k