Dallas Transgender Day of Remembrance Southern Methodist University

Transgender Day of Remembrance, DOR North Texas.

kelli Busey
November 27, 2008

The evening of November 20th was forecast to turn unseasonably chilly but my shared decision to dress lightly was dictated by vanity and validated by the whirl of the AC.

However the decision of which memorial in the DFW to attend was difficult. With it's close proximity and my love of the Methodist Reconciling Ministries Network or RMN, the service at the Dallas Southern Methodist University became my choice.

It was dark as I drove onto the campus more than a little apprehensively. The last time I did so I spent hours lost among its historic red brick buildings and Bostonian cobblestone style roads. This time my fears were unfounded. True as advertised, the way to the designated parking area was well marked.

Pulling into the brightly lite parking garage my cynicism returned. I thought wasn't SMU found to be one of the 100 most unfriendly to Transgender people in the 2008 Harvard Review and did they not turn down my offers for a gender 101 class? What would SMU be doing holding a DOR?

Once again every step of the way was well marked. Entering the Woman's Center I was greeted with hugs, coffee and candles as we prepared to walk to our memorial site.
Exiting the building, most of us felt comfortable lightly dressed in at most sweaters. But as we moved to our site it became increasingly difficult to ignore the once light breeze whispering of change.

Youtube courtesy of Lindsay who shared "... my husband, and I attended the Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil at SMU in Dallas, Texas. We payed our respects...."

As we sang a cold front descended from the Rockies with a vengeance accompanied with the customary howling high plains winds that cut thru our thin attire slicing to the bone and making us shake and shiver.

The relentless wind, I thought, is this you, Angie, Lawrence? How strange.

So very, very cold, threatening to blow my candle out and freeze my tears to my cheeks. Why now? Unabated and unrelenting everyone freezing, we started to move closer and closer until it became a conscious effort to hug everyone with the most needy centered in our love.

Perhaps it was our fallen brethren bringing us closer, or was it just a cold snap?

Also found in the Dallas Voice Event marks Day of Remembrance, raises awareness

Transgender Day of Remembrance

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