Protest set Sunday over anti-gay sermon at First Baptist Dallas

"Not ok to be Gay" says First Baptist senior pastor, the Rev. Robert Jeffress.

Rev. Jeffress is known for his failed effort to ban books books from the Wichita Falls TX library which resulted in the public donating hundreds of copies to replace those that Rev. Jeffress refused to return.

Many who people have been upset by the Mormons November 4th interference in California's civil rights efforts are equally disturbed to learn that right here in our beloved Texas religious demagogues are seeding homophobia and bigotry.

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A street demonstration is scheduled across the street from the church entrance on San Jacinto Street at 10 a.m. Sunday. Those attending are encouraged to bring signs.

For more information about the protest, e-mail Fulcher at samblade8@yahoo.com.

By kelli Busey
Nov.08, 2008

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