Saving Grace

I know this does not come as a surprise to many, and it certainly is not my wish to evangelise, but god really loves us and we may live in full acceptance of her grace. I am sharing this in light of the recent defeat of human rights and the role that some religions played in it.

An amazing woman from the First Baptist Church in Dallas and her husband made their way across the street to our group of protesters. Not an easy task for advanced Seniors.

Like a mother holds a daughter she hugged me and we cried. Just cried. Her love and compassion drew us together like magnets. Two perfect strangers.

Then she looked me in the eyes and said "Come Back, we still love you." I replied in amazement "I haven't gone anywhere, Jesus has always loved me. I am crying for you and your loss at not having all these wonderful people worshiping with you."

It was an epiphany for this woman of faith. We were there because we are mourning this church's Minister's indoctrination of innocents with bigotry. We were there in a plea to the Church members to ask Dr, Jeffers to stop inciting hate and violence.

I attend a lot of different Churches but this is my spiritual home, a radical tranny. May you find peace.


Lori D said...

This was an amazing story. And just like the pastor said, but UNLIKE his view, I ALSO believe it's time those who are believers and followers of Christ (and who are trans, or g or l or b or whatever), stand up and show the world that we can maintain our own relationship with Christ. Jesus condemned no one. We stand affirmed.
Thank you for sharing this!

planet trans said...

Thank you Lori d for your comment. It"s Monday and after a sleep I am exhausted emotionally. I feel drained. It is so warming to open my eyes to your faith. Thank you. I am following your blog now. What a wonderful thing to do. I also have your blog listed on my "Great Blog" list at the botom of planetransgender.

shrink on the couch said...

I am crying for you and your loss at not having all these wonderful people worshiping with you.

It is sad. It doesn't have to be like this. It can be so easy. Just move over and accept that we're all people, all the same, no matter what gender or who we love. People are people, its that simple.