Marriage INequality after the dust settles

kelli Busey
November 11, 2008

Now that we have had a week to let the magnatude of the havoc that was wrecked on the GLBT agenda there have been a wide varance of responses. Some protest loudly. Some pray. Some are arrested( do not dance on patrol cars). Many of us wish to localize the pain and blame.

The responses are varied in focus and the expected amount of time for results. I do not advocate the exclusive use of one but will post all.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has http://www.kintera.org/c.qkIWKaMZIxF/b.4746361/k.29E1/Anger_Into_Action_Declaration/siteapps/advocacy/ActionItem.aspx?sid=192351509&msource=anger2acte1&auid=4217042 Anger into Action Declaration for you to consider signing. Rea Carey, Executive Director asks that you sign this as an action, a first progressive step. Not a bad idea since we have morality and joesphine public with us.

The L.A Gay and Lesbian Center understandably has taken a direct route to a major orhginizer in the passage of Prop 8, the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons). The Center is asking for you to make a donation in the name of the President of said institution for the defeat of marriage inequality. Not a bad idea.

I have done neiter of te above. I will not limit my advocacy, nor promise not to take action out of angrer or stupidity.

I am a woman of faith and find it objectionable to single out a religious leader for expressing his views. This individual is facing the indignation of the nation as the most cinical of Republicians are now asking "WHY".

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