Live, Love, and Learn: DC Diocese Turns on Homeless

Catholic gargoyle salivating for the weakest. The homeless and destitute are easy prey when they are freezing and hopeless. Joseph Ratzinger's pseudo christian organization 'Catholic Church" knows this better than anyone as they forgo their Christian facade in threatening extortion by abandoning 67,000 homeless in the District of Columbia just before the winter if the Capitol city of the United States does not comply with it's demands. Read the whole story at Live, Love, and Learn: DC Diocese Turns on Homeless


John Hosty said...

Thank you for the cross-posting of this article! It is amazing how shameless the hate is against GLBT people in the Cathloic Church, but we all know why, don't we? Closet cases are always our biggest and most vocal adversaries.

This is a great website, I'm adding it to the list on sites to read, feel free to post any of my articles on here any time you like!

planet trans said...

John, thank you for your awesome site! I look forward to reading your posts also.
The Catholics are violating their most sacred trusts and are ruining peoples faith. What they are doing is UN Christ like, an act of criminal desperation, and not the Christian way.

Good people, using destitution, rape and children as bargaining tools to advance a hate inspired cause is the fallen angel's work.