Will Phillips Arkansas Fifth Grader Refuses to Pledge Allegiance until LGBT people are Equal

Ten year old Will Phillips, who's intelligence was recognized by skipping fourth grade, demonstrated extraordinary compassion and empathy when he recently sited a 1943 Supreme Court ruling and refused to recite the pledge of alliance. Phillips believes until all Americans are equally enjoying "liberty and Justice for all" the pledge is a empty verse.

This incredible young ally who's orientation is not gay, is enduring a homophobic backlash by his adolescent classmates and in all of places, Arkansas. The home of former Governor Huckabee recently enacted a state amendment to its constitution prohibiting adoption of children by same sex couples.

Arkansas is one of the most anti gay states and this according to Will is being proven true as the same children have over and again taunted him with phrases such as 'Gaywad'.

***Update December 3, 2009***
I have been contacted separately by Will's mother and father. Both are very grateful for the emails and phone calls in support of Will. Both are happy that Will is now focused on his school work and both are satisfied with the response from the school. It would seem at this time continued contact with the school is not necessary at this time.~kelli

Please take action "Support Will Phillips" by emailing the The West Fork School District.

Sample email:

Dr. Naccaman Williams
Chair of the State Board of Education.
E-mail: naccaman@att.net
Mailing Address: 2807 Brookshire St., Springdale, AR 72762

Deborah Harnish
President West Forks District Board
359 School Ave, West Fork, AR 72774
(479) 839-2231

Re: Protect educational integrity and protecting Will Phillips from bullying.

Dear Deborah Harnish and Dr. Naccaman Williams,

It has come to my attention that a substitute teacher in your district has attempted to intimidate and bully a student, Will Phillips, into doing something that was against that students better judgement and moral values. Phillips decision not to participate in reciting the pledge of allegiance was in fact, a constitutional right protected by a supreme court ruling.

The student Will Philips, has since then reported becoming the subject of homophobic bullying even though Will Phillips himself does not identify as gay.

I am asking that you require this teacher to apologize for attempting to intimidate Phillips, and that the school principal make a announcement that the school respects individual rights and the school will not allow harassment within it's walls. This would send a message to your students and teachers that bullying is not acceptable.

I wold also ask that you require your teachers to make a speical effort to be attentive and aware of bullying and to stop it immediately when it is apparent. These actions will save lives and allow your schools to pursue the American ideals that are set forth in the Pledge of Allegiance and so valued by Will Phillips.

Thank you
Kelli Anne Busey
Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies


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Kevin said...

What a brave young man!

Unknown said...

Out of the mouth of babes... Intelligence for all mankind.

yogi1965 said...

As a six year veteran of our U.S. Air Force I find this amazing young man a shining example of the rights we hold so dear in this country that we are willing to fight for them.

Mark said...

Is it too early to get this guy to run in 2012? Hmm, probably, might have to wait until 2016, but it Will be worth it.

Unknown said...

I am Will's Father.

Thanks for your kind words about my son. I wanted to point out that Will has not had that substitute again, the teachers have not said a word & the students who were giving him a hard time were either put on notice or sat down with him in the counsellor's office to work things out. Will is doing good and is back to conquering the 5th grade. He is still taking some time now & then to tackle his activist past times but is more or less back to life as usual.

Our school district has acted quite properly if not enthusiastically & the principal has been VERY supportive.

Thank you soooo much for your support!!!


jay phillips


planet trans said...

Thank you Jay. I am asking our friends not to contact the school on Will's behalf as it would be a distraction and possibly counterproductive. I am thrilled to have been a witness to your sons acts of bravery.

If there is anything I can ever do,
kelli anne Busey