Protest TO*WK sight unseen JUSTIFIED/Beating GAYS with Bats a NO NO But 'Trannies' A.OK.

  • Q: How is it so many transgender people decline to watch TO*WK yet feel justified in objecting to it's title and message?

    We all seem to be ignorant protesters, flying in judgment with out knowing the exact details of who's head was smashed sending scalp grotesquely flying, or which bloodied woman prevailed in murdering their attackers.

  • A: We are e victims and survivors and of hate crimes, and allied people be they transgender or cisgender, who object to the commercialization and sensationalization of murders committed against woman.

    Because of the prevalence of murder committed against the transgender community we know this violence personally and like the nightmares that will forever wake us shivering in cold sweat, this movie haunts us with the knowledge of exactly how powerless we are to physically defend ourselves.

    It sends a spike of pain, guilt and shame into our very souls.

    Except now the provocateurs are misogynistic OPENLY GAY MEN. The director and producers of TO*WK hold a physiological baseball bat above us, waving it contemptuously, maniacally grinning, uttering pejoratives, enthralled and empowered in tormenting weak and vulnerable women.

  • Q: Protesting the 'Tranny' in the title! How could we?

    Bashing gays with baseball bats has become an American pastime, especially in Oak Lawn /Cartoon, Dallas Voice May 18, 2010

  • A: We find it contemptuous and the height of hypocrisy that the Dallas Voice, the same gay newspaper that the defamatory usage of tranny was protested on, relies on the same definition of defamatory language to demanded justice when gay man are attacked with baseball bats, has so enthusiastly promoted a movie that transgender people are attacked with baseball bats.

    Excuse me, but WTF?

    WE find it repugnant that the Dallas Voice, apparently a home of gay misogyny, has repeatedly refused to allow any articles expressing our concerns yet has taken so much enjoyment in publishing articles helping to turn a word transgender people previously used sparingly within our own community to address each other in extreme joy, or as a endearment in deepest despair, into a singularly hateful pejorative.

    These gay men are responsible for prompting the public to use 'TRANNY' with total cavalier disregard.


    Do you think this same judge might disallow the word 'Tranny' to be admitted into evidence during a trial of a transgender persons attacker since it's use now is so prevalent in the gay and general population?

    To answer no to the above question would be indicative of malice towards transgender people, a kind of hatred previously hidden or displayed only by skin heads and Klu Klux Klan members.

    We are not gay! Do not subvert our culture. The word 'Tranny' is ours, has always been ours and unfortunately is also the domain of killers who use it in a defamatory manner while being beating and murdering us.

    These are but some of the reasons we are protesting TO*WK!

    We stand together with the larger LGB community and cisgender allies who are not seduced by power over woman that misogynist find so essential to feed fragile ego's.

    We will hold our Gay film maker brothers to a higher standards. A standard which if you raise to, will allow you to be remembered with reverence instead of being reviled with contempt.

    It's your decision.

    Am I going elevate myself out of the waters of hatred and contempt? Directors, film festivals and movie goers, this is a personal question from me to you.

    Who am I? How will I be remembered?

    It's up to you.

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willam said...

Support Bruce Willis making no more Die Hard's too. I'm tired of all the violence against him. And Please don't ever hit Halle Berry in Bond or Catwoman or Monster's Ball because I'm over violence against African American people too.
It's a MOVIE. Just because you relate to it, doesn't make it evil or wrong. I don't like pate, but that doesn't make it unedible does it? NO.

I've been bashed in and out of dresses and I keep on moving on with life and not getting "cold sweats." sorry you do. Least it ain't menopause right? lol My mom said hot flashes are a bitch.