Watch: Netroots Intersection of Transgender Blogging and Social Change

June 8 2012 9:30ct am start time. Tweet questions using #nn12lgbt

Watch live streaming video from fstv2 at livestream.com

GLAD’s Transgender Rights Project Director Jennifer Levi joins
bloggers Monica Roberts, Autumn Sandeen, Jos Truitt and moderator Dr.
Jillian T. Weiss for a look at the role of blogging and online
advocacy in the movement for transgender equality.

10:57 AM CT: Its over now but I'll post the video as soon as its avaliable. but while it was live I tweeted::

Which was talked about by Dr. Wiess.....so I thankd her by tweeting.....

Transgender bloggers and advocates empowering transgender bloggers. Yeah, that'll work!!! The intersection just got busier.

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