Trans Pride March Turkey 2011 Video Wow

This one got past me but in case you missed it too...

A Social Justice and Art project of Gabrielle Le Roux, about Trans Activists in Turkey with the support of Amnesty International Turkey and the Consulate General of Netherlands.

The first ever Trans Pride March in Turkey was in 2010 in Istanbul. This short film documents the second Trans Pride and shows the passion and colour that the mobilization of Turkey's trans movement brought into the street. After this march, for the first time ever, the reporting on trans issues improved.
There is a frighteningly high, and growing, incidence of hate crimes and murders of transgender people, specially trans women, in Turkey, and a vibrant, motivated, politicized trans movement has emerged in response and is demanding to be heard.
These films comprise the video installation in the exhibition Proudly Trans in Turkey. The travelling exhibition, a cultural intervention for social justice, combines portraits drawn from life, first-person stories, interviews and video. It is a call to solidarity with the trans rights movement in Turkey. It is a co-creation between Turkish activists and South African artist and activist for social justice Gabrielle Le Roux.

This is an interactive initiative and we would love to know how and where these films are received. If you use them in your teaching/research/activism or advocacy work, please leave a comment or email proudlytransinturkey@gmail.com with feedback/questions

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