Transsexuals Danced "The Last Dance" Not "Men In Dresses"

The last Dance is indicative of systemic transgender exclusionary culture that prevailed in the 60's and sadly is still present today. I was asked to promote this video but after watching it I noticed no mention of transgender people was made, only saying that gay men danced with "men in dresses".

Update at the bottom of the post.

So I messaged back on the same thread I was contacted on asking if we could discuss my concerns. I would love to promote this as I did "Milk". I have not received a reply as of this posting.

Synopsis via Comfort & Joy:

The Last Dance Raid documentary recounts this pivotal night in American history when gay rights first gained a seat at the table of progressive politics. The story unfolds through eye-witness accounts. Long-time lesbian activists Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon share their memories of meetings with the SFPD. Herb Donaldson, San Francisco’s first openly gay judge, thought his legal career was over because he was arrested for obstructing a police officer in the line of duty. Jon Borset recounts losing his job when news of his arrest was published in the newspaper.

When the entire conflict was brought before a Federal Court, the judge quickly sided with the innocent party goers. The media latched on to this like never before and the gay rights movement turned a decisive corner, and it has never looked back. Why are the "men in dresses" misidentified, possibly misgendered? I am proud that our allies carried the majority of the struggle, organizing and inviting transgender people to dance with them and no, I was not there. But one thing has remained constant since humankind first rose to two legs and put on clothes. Transgender people exists, even at the Last Dance.

I am hoping these questions will be answered, the issues resolved and am look forward to promoting this movie.


I was contacted by Jallen Rix who promoted the feature with that trailer to raise money. So here's the boring Facebook exchange....

I asked Jallen Rix on the original thread....

I have a issue with this presentation. Why are transgender people not mentioned and why is it"gay prides" ? Transgender people will see this as an attempt to usurp stonewall. Could we talk about this? I would love to do a story promoting this as a trans inclusive event which it was.

to which Jallan Rix replied 24 hours later after I did this post....

Hi Kelli,

Yes, I'm trying to get a thorough response to you from our associate producer, and transgender person, Susan Stryker. If you can be just a little more patience than 24 hours, you're going to find that transgendered people are represented in the movie - but we aren't able to represent a lot of things in the trailer. It's a 2 minute trailer for a 60min. movie.

Furthermore, what are you suggesting? That every LGBTQ event prior to Stonewall is somehow trying to invalidate Stonewall or gender variant persons?

Have a little faith and patience before you go writing articles about information you haven't received yet - we are on the same team and yet you jab at us as if we are the enemy. It doesn't make me want to respond to you and your attitude towards your fellow travelers on this journey is not what Stonewall was about.

Dr. Jallen Rix

Jallen Rix then posted a very similar message on my facebook profile to which I responded.....

"Jallen, all it would have taken was for this post to be totally positive was a 'got ya Kelli, we are working at doing that' and I would have waited 'patiently' for as long as it took to get clarification because I think this documentary has the potential of being on the level of "Milk". Its that good."

But unlike Milk it is about a movement and not about a single person, and that's were my concern lays. Once it is done, it is done.

I commented on my profile....

I am so glad you are going to get Susan Stryker involved! I did a post in 2009 when she was interviewed by Autumn Sandeen. I will update the planetransgender post now...was hoping to hear from your executive producer first but I know you folks are busy..

So that was the facebook conversation. I felt as if he was speaking from a patriartical stance and felt intimidated by this documentary maker to the point he was trying to discredit me. I felt he drew me into the conversation to start a conflagration. I guess I know now why so many left the original Facebook thread.

A little about my radical activism............

If a theater chain does not include SSM or partner benefits as Cinemark didn't, and a gay orgainization fund raises at it, as Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance (CCGLA) TRIED to do I will respond!! And if gay people feel like I am opposing them at that moment as CCGLA did, to bad. CineMark VP Bob Shimmin did upgrade the companys benifits to include partner benefits BEFORE Inlaws and Outlaw was shown. That was because of my radical advocacy. It wasn't appreciated by gays when I did it but later, they loved it.

And if a gay man promotes a video about a crucial moment in LGBT history and the only reference to our community is "Gay" and "Lesbian" and "men in dresses" I will first attempt to communicate my concerns.

If I do not get a response, I will post a article like this. After all I am a radical transgender advocate, as most are aware, and I believe the good Dr. knows now too.

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