Police Didn't Protect The Istanbul Trans Pride. It was Cameras.

Watching Turkey's Trans Pride March videos since its beginning in 2010 there is one point that's undeniable. Each year the Turkey's Trans Pride March has progressively become less a celebration of gender diversity and more of a protest. 2010 it was a party....

The second year of the Turkey Trans Pride the drums became louder, more central and rhythmic, a noticeable shift from celebration to a political statement. Although it was still a party there was a noticeable shift to militarization.

Finally, this year on the Trans Pride, permitted march held as the final LGBT Pride event, had to take the square that was being occupied by another goverment sanctioned march, of all things a right wing group.

What was the chances this was just conquencidence? Highly unlikely.

I don't understand what the highly distraught young person was saying but I would guess this person recognize someone in the right wing crowd that had committed violence against one of us. And the police knew it too by the looks on their faces had no intention on investigating.

It's also clear that the Turkey "Riot Police" had no orders to protect the Trans Pride. They were all looking around at each other with a look like "what do they want us to do".

And the right wingers? They didn't move away from the police, they moved away from the cameras like any common thief of murderer will. The police and the fascists, those are the people that are responsible for or have knowledge of who is murdering us in Turkey.

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